ERPs incorporating AI

ERPs incorporating AI

Following on from our previous post about the power of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into ERPs. Several ERP companies have already begun integrating AI into their systems to enhance functionality, automation, and decision-making capabilities:



SAP has been integrating generative AI and machine learning into its ERP software, such as SAP S/4HANA. They use AI to enhance predictive analytics, automate routine tasks, and provide intelligent insights for business users. Read more here.



Oracle has been incorporating generative AI and machine learning capabilities into its Oracle Cloud ERP and EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) solutions. These enhancements help with automation, forecasting, and personalized recommendations. Read more here.


Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Microsoft's ERP and CRM solution, Dynamics 365, includes AI-driven features like predictive analytics, virtual agents, and automated workflows to improve sales, customer service, supply chain and financial management. Microsoft’s Copilot features are rolling out as we write this. Read more here.



Infor CloudSuite incorporates AI into various aspects of ERP, including predictive analytics for demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and maintenance management. Read more here.



NetSuite, owned by Oracle, leverages AI and machine learning for financial planning, supply chain management, and customer relationship management within its cloud ERP system. It can make predictions about future trends, which can position companies with a competitive advantage. Read more here.



IFS uses AI to support various industries, including manufacturing and aerospace. Their AI-driven solutions focus on predictive maintenance, asset management, and field service optimization. Read more here.



Epicor's ERP solutions employ AI and machine learning to enhance manufacturing operations, improve inventory management, and optimize supply chain processes. It has predictive analytics powered by ChatGPT and major integrations for key insights. Read more here.


Sage Intacct:

Sage Intacct integrates AI and automation to streamline financial management processes, offering insights into cash flow, expense management, and financial reporting. Read more here.



Workday, primarily known for its HR and financial management solutions, has been incorporating AI to improve workforce planning, talent management, and financial forecasting. Read more here.



Acumatica's cloud ERP platform integrates AI and machine learning for real-time insights into financial and operational data, aiding decision-making and process automation. Read more here.



Syspro focuses on AI-driven solutions to optimize manufacturing processes, inventory management, and demand forecasting. Read more here.



Unit4 uses AI to enhance financial management (automated forecasting, complex data analysis, automated repetitive tasks), human resources, and project management within its ERP system. Read more here.